Renascence School International

EARLY PRESCHOOL: Children work on six developmental domains as they play and have fun! Children are provided opportunities to challenge and strengthen their physical, cognitive, social, emotional, creativity, and language development. They are immersed in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish as they explore the world around them.

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PRESCHOOL: Children sing and dance, interact with their peers, discover letters and numbers, learn how to read and write, explore science, paint and draw, and speak Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

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KINDERGARTEN: Students learn school is FUN. They learn to read, explore science, learn mathematics using a highly regarded curriculum from Singapore and begin the special Renascence School International creativity curriculum. They also learn to read, write and speak in Mandarin Chinese. Art, dance and music are integrated into the program.

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ELEMENTARY: An engaging curriculum helps students reach academic levels comparable to the top programs in the world. Children study English, math, history, science, geography, Chinese and Spanish and participate in a special creativity program. Art, music and dance are integrated into the curriculum. Students may obtain credit for off-campus arts, physical education and community service activities.

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Enrichment and Academic Support: The program includes fun activities in the arts, physical education, community service, science, math, foreign language as well as academic support. The program operates whenever academic classes are not in session.


Camps and Excursions: These programs keep students engaged during holiday periods.