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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

There is nothing like a Grandparent’s love

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson cover
The Renascence School International wanted to give their Grandparents a special opportunity to come and spend time with their grandchildren at school. There was a luncheon and time was set aside for them to go into the classrooms and observe some of the RSI learning in action. There is a special bond between a child and his or her grandparents. At RSIOC, they like to set aside a special day to celebrate and nurture this relationship and make memories that will last for years to come.
RSIOC_grandparents_dayn   RSIOC_grandparents_daym   RSIOC_grandparents_day2
RSIOC_grandparents_dayo                               RSIOC_grandparents_daykRSIOC_grandparents_day1   RSIOC_grandparents_dayj   RSIOC_grandparents_day4RSIOC_grandparents_daye                                         RSIOC_grandparents_daybRSIOC_grandparents_day5       RSIOC_grandparents_dayi        RSIOC_grandparents_day6RSIOC_grandparents_dayg                                        RSIOC_grandparents_dayc
RSIOC_grandparents_day7        RSIOC_grandparents_dayf       RSIOC_grandparents_day3RSIOC_grandparents_daya                               RSIOC_grandparents_daylRSIOC_grandparents_dayh                               RSIOC_grandparents_dayd
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