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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Ned Show hangs out with the Renascence School kids

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson cover
The Renascence School kicked off the new year with special guest, The Ned Show! The entire school met in the assembly for a special performance by the Ned Show utilizing humor, yoyo demonstrations and games to encourage the students to ‘Never Give Up, Encourage Others and Do Your Best (NED)!  


renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_b renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_6 renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_4
renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_5 renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_c renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_3
renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_2 renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_1 renascence_school_orange_county_talking_ned_a
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