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Monday, September 28, 2015

From one parent to another…


Where can I start? This has been an absolutely incredible school for my son. My son is not an easy child; however, the teachers here have stepped up to the challenge and made learning enjoyable for him. He loves going to school. His teachers are amazing; he absolutely adores his Chinese teacher. We come from a non-mandarin speaking background and it has always been a dream of mine to have my son understand and speak fluent Mandarin when he grows up. It hasn’t been long since he started at Renascence School International, but he understands and is trying to speak quite a bit of Chinese already.

It is true that the school encourages academic learning, yet there are enough play and activities to motivate the students to learn and achieve outstanding results. Those results extend beyond the academic classroom and include good character building and social skills. Last semester, the entire school participated in a weekly character builders curriculum. Themes such as honesty, kindness, responsibility and patience were emphasized. Each week the children learned new traits that encouraged them to build and strengthen positive characteristics. Emails were sent to parents describing which trait the children had learnt that week and examples given on how they can encourage and apply that good behavior at home.

Some of our friends feared that learning 3 languages at the same time would be difficult for my son and might even make him fall behind with his English. Contrary to belief, my son started reading before he even turned 4 and is now doing well in all 3 languages. I feel so lucky to have found a school for my son to truly thrive at. The directors and teachers have the child’s’ best interest at heart and we applaud their efforts at making sure each child gets what they need. This is a loving, caring, school experience that nurtures the best in every child. They will give your child what he needs to be successful, teach him that he is a productive, valuable member in the world, and show him how to give back.

– a parent

– Great Schools review – posted September 5, 2015


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